Air Conditioner Freon Leak Repair Seal Kit

A quick easy way to seal Freon Leaks in your air conditioning or refrigeration system. Install as per instructions on can.

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  • glastopia says:

    Ty for this video very helpful.. I have had to have my A/C freon charged
    every spring. and in the exact same place that your working there is an
    oily film all over the back of the system .. Every year the A/C people come
    out fill it and say ty for my money and than try to sell me a new system
    for thousands of dollars.. Once filled i have no issue with my system all
    summer.. its just in the spring its always empty.. so im going to check all
    the fittings and order the kit just to make sure.. ty

  • redvexx says:

    Thanks for the video. I have been losing just over a pound of freon a year.
    I bought the kit and pray it works. Because the freon is getting more
    expensive every year.

  • solo1048 says:

    Can you add this before you have the guy come and put freon on your system?
    I am asking because I know i have a leak but i am afraid to have them put
    freon in while the leak is still there and buy the time I put this leak fix
    that some freon has already leaked out. So can i put this first with no
    freon in my system then have them come and put new freon in? Thanks!

  • hvacmaintenance says:

    You need to have enough freon in the system to be able to run it as you are
    putting it in and for a period of time after to allow it to circulate
    throughout the system. I would put it after he adds the freon. Remember if
    the leak is so large that the system is losing all its charge in a few
    months you will have to have him locate the leak and repair it because this
    product may not work if the leak is that big.

  • solo1048 says:

    Ok …. Thanks for the quick responce! That really helped!

  • hvacmaintenance says:

    If you only have to add freon once a season our freon leak repair kit at
    mainsupplies is what I would highly recommend. This product works very

  • scottygirlls says:

    Can this fix a leak in a coil in the air handler located upstairs? Was told
    I have a leak there and need a new coil… $1300. Previous HVAC service
    company said it was the condenser…over $2000. Please help. Single lady,
    full time student who quit her job to go back to school. Needed a job that
    was flexible so I could care for disabled mother and brother…all on my
    own. Any advice appreciated.

  • redvexx says:

    THIS STUFF WORKS!! I came back to say this is the first year that we have
    not had to call the a/c guy out to add freon. First year that a/c still
    blowing cold air by June. My original comment is below. IT WORKS!

  • hvacmaintenance says:

    Buy Do It yourself Air Conditioner Maintenance kit online at

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