Amcor air conditioner won't turn on?

My new amcor air conditioner blew out nice cold air when I got it today. But for some reason, the compressor kicks on and then shuts off after about 3 minutes of cooling and just the fan runs. Am I doing something wrong or is this a fault air conditioner?

And btw, it’s set at 64 degrees and my room is about 75 degrees

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    • Polar Bear says:

      Sounds like to me the small wire-like thermostatic control bulb is somehow touching the evaporator coil. That small bulb controls the thermostat and when it fells cold, it tells the compressor "thats enough for now"… then cuts it off until everything warms up again.
      Its very important that that thermocouple not be in contact in any way with the evaporator.
      When you were up front for any reason you could have accidentally gotten the bulb out of proper position.

    • sunset says:

      Since it is not operating properly I would return it immediatly to the store where you bought it.

    • jusvicious says:

      First make sure you don’t have any obstructions in front of or behind the unit. Check the book that came with it and look for the proper operation and troubleshooting of unit. If still no help then return it. Hope this helps

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