Small Air Conditioners

When buying a small air conditioner, what should I look for?

Im going to make a new mini air conditioner for my room since this cheap walmart fan isnt cutting it. My room at this boarding house is always hot inside and I need something that is better. I saw some air conditioners at brandsmartusa website and I was wondering how can I find the best... Read More »

what is financially cheaper, a small window air conditioner or a window box fan?

More Info on Air... Read More »

How do you keep a room cold with a kinda crap air conditioner a small fan and a big fan?

the room is 10metres by 11metres and where we live it is 45 please tell us we are boiling More Info on Air... Read More »

How much might it cost, from electricity, to run a small, one room air conditioner, daytime, monthly?

I know it’s not very specific, but if anyone could post a couple of senarios, and/or a semi-broad average, in american dollars, for a month? Any average would be helpful. More Info on Air Conditioners Casting Call For Senarios USA Produced Independent Film “A Man Made Early” in Weslaco, Texas | Short Film Texas What... Read More »

What is the smallest air conditioner I can find for a window?

I do not have central air and use window units between 5000 and 7000 BTUs. In my bedroom the windows are too small for the 5000 units. The windows are only about 15 inches wide. Do they make anything small enough to fit in the window? The windows are also right over my head where... Read More »

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