Small Air Conditioners

could a human power a small air-conditioner?

perhaps the human rides a bike, which generates electricity, which goes to a battery which is used later to power the air conditioner. how long would the human have to ride for 1 hour of use? More Info on Air Conditioners How Solar Power Works Electricity | How to Save Electricity around the House... Read More »

is there any 17 in or smaller air conditioners at a major sotre like wlamart or some other place under $100?

is there? More Info on Air... Read More »

Small Air conditioner Help?

I need a small air conditioner for a small tent. The tent is for watching sporting events in 90-105 degree weather. I have both 120V AC and 12V DC power. Please Help. More Info on Air Conditioners Cold Weather Increase Heart Attack Risk | UK Researchers Found Link Between Temperature & Heart Attack Risk |... Read More »

My window is too small for an air conditioner, will my idea work?

Since it won’t fit in the window I was thinking about buying one of those plastic storage bins and placing the part of the AC that would normally be outside into the bin. Then I was gonna cut a whole in the back and fix a dryer vent hose to it and stick the hose... Read More »

is there a small air conditioner with no hose to go out the window that i can just plug in to the wall?

it needs to be a portable air conditioner that is not that big More Info on Air Conditioners Cheap PA1-12R-32 Soleus Portable Air Conditioner and Air Purifier With Heat Pump Technology Get The Best Portable Air Conditioner | Online Shopping portable air conditioners energy efficient | Small Kitchen... Read More »

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