I have a amcor AF11000E air conditioner and its not cooling what could be the problem?

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Amcor air conditioner won't turn on?

My new amcor air conditioner blew out nice cold air when I got it today. But for some reason, the compressor kicks on and then shuts off after about 3 minutes of cooling and just the fan runs. Am I doing something wrong or is this a fault air conditioner? And btw, it’s set at... Read More »

Clean portable a/c unit coils?

We have a portable air conditioner (by amcor-which is no longer a running company) and I clean the filters at least once a week, and it is 14,000 btu unit, and it hasn’t been as efficient as usual… When I went to clean the filters again, I looked inside and saw that there are big... Read More »

AMCOR Air Conditioner list of company locations?

Need to know how to find this company as its US counterpart has gone out of bussinessd More Info on Air... Read More »

my refrigerator dont freeze good, what i should do?

refrigerator "Amcor Ambasador XL" .again my refrigerator had jammed the "gas IN" pipe to motor. i reduced the gas inside the compressor motor then the jammed gone but the refrigerator still dont freeze good. info’s: the fan is working good and the motor also. maybe the quantity of gas is not adequate. how to know... Read More »

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