i have refrigerator,and the ice is drifting on the inner pipe of the motor, what i can do?

i have refrigerator (amcor ambassador XL what i mean that is so much ice on the inner pipe of the motor,and the ice is getting jammed up on the motor More Info on Air... Read More »

amcor good or bad company to work for?

More Info on Air... Read More »

Help with a GPS Amcor system?

Hi, I have a AMCOR 4800 GPS system and it says it playback MP3 but I haven`t been able to get it working….Can anyone help with instructions please? Thank you More Info on Air Conditioners Flexibles market struggling to adapt to Amcor-Alcan powerhouse, report claims — Packaging... Read More »

Air conditioners, which will work best for my situation?

Hi, basically i need to buy a air conditioner ready for the summer…as my room is allready getting quite hot, and i need the room tempreture at the exact tempreture i need it at…as i keep reptiles, and they’re tempreture needs to be between 74-78f during the day, and 66-68 at night…(i dont know much... Read More »

Why does my compressor stop working?

I have a portable AC (Amcor 9000 BTU if it matters). It’s been working great but this summer, it randomly shuts off the compressor. The fan stays on. It is not the water tank. If i turn it off for a few minutes and turn it back on, the compressor will come back on as... Read More »

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