where is the thermostat located on a carrier residential air conditioner unit?

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Where can I find antique home air conditioners in the D.C. area?

I am looking for antique air conditioners, specifically Amana, York or Carrier. Where can I find antique home air conditioners in the D.C. area? More Info on Air... Read More »

I am moving 600 miles with two cats. What's the best way to ensure they're comfortable/safe during the trip?

I am moving from Massachusetts to North Carolina in early September. I will be traveling by car, and will be bringing my two cats with me (both females, one is almost three and one is ten). I’m worried how they’ll handle the trip, especially for the younger one, who is a slower than average cat... Read More »

40-50 year old air conditioner doesn't blow out cold air?

its a really big air conditioner and is about 40-50 years old. my landlord says its been there almost as long as our building. it works fine with the exception of the fact that it doesnt blow out cold air and acts more like a fan. because of that we don’t use it and are... Read More »

Carrier Relax Portable Air conditioner not cooling at all?

I just bought a carrier Relax , it s a portable air conditioner . It seems unable to cool the bedroom despite being very small room and very well isolated . The unit is brand new which is strange . The sound is very loud beyond reason . I have another 6 years old Window... Read More »

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