air conditioners?

does any company make an air conditioner that can sit on the floor in the middle of the room? I dont want one that goes in the... Read More »

Air conditioner conked out what's a good brand replacement?

I had a large air conditioner that broke down for good. I need to replace this in a hurry . What are some good brands that provide alot of cold air throughout one floor and energy efficient and last... Read More »

Convert 220V Air Conditioner to 110v Air Conditioner?

I need to replace a 220 volt Fedders "through the wall" air conditioner. The only proper size (chassis size and BTU) replacements I can find are 110 volt air conditioners. The existing 220 volt line is used soley for the existing 220 volt air conditioner. In know how to conver the breaker and wall outlet... Read More »

do you think my air conditioner will last another summer without incident?

i bought it 6 years ago at wal-mart its a 5,000 btu fedder unit i run 12 hours a day and its not to bad on the electric bill just wondering whats the life span on these things More Info on Air... Read More »

how many years does a window air conditioner lasts?

its a fedder 5,000 BTU window unit Other Sites With More Air Conditioner Information Whynter Eco Friendly 14000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner Heater | My Efficient... Read More »

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