Central Air Conditioner Repair – Installing a Central Air Unit

Repair your trusty Trane Central Air Conditioner suffering from some of the following issues: Installing a Central Air Unit Visit us at http://www.appliancev…

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  • Israelhvac says:

    Hey where was the vacuum??? 

  • jaythefout says:

    great video man, I can’t thank you enough!

  • Rob Tucker says:

    thanks for the info

  • 5569johnny says:

    Wrong Gage’s for 410a System .
    You need to vacuum the system.

  • samir khorasani says:

    thanks for the video but i didn’t see the vacuum can u explain about

  • joed596 says:

    Great video . . . thanks!
    You showed a lot of detail and explained things very well :-)

  • Paul Ohlstein says:

    You have to cut out one of those fittings and see what a black cruddy mess
    is in there because you neglected to run a nitrogen trickle through the
    tubing when you were brazing. 

  • bighaasfly says:

    Great video! Very good explanations. Thank you! 

  • Nadal Pierre says:

    I have a trane system (bayhtr1505) with a 60 amp breaker safety switch.
    What size of wire does required to run to the panel and breaker. 

  • brian toups says:

    Amazingly nice video………………..perhaps over my head, but you
    explain very well. I know I can do the map gas solder………….is there
    a problem to using that tech.?

    Also, my home has a package unit that is going bad……………….how
    hard will it be to install a new one………….it is on the side of my
    house…………any help suggestions would be great and a video would be

    it has a heat pump……………carrier 3 ton……….not sure of the
    heat pump size

  • Anthony batista says:

    Hi just curious to know if the unit came precharged with nitrogen, at what
    moment do you release it and how? THANX

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