Central heat & air-conditioner men with intellengence & knowledge of my system?

I own a 2 story home that is central heat and air on both levels. I have a carrier weather-maker puron system outside which is to cool the home. I have a carrier furnace inside stored in a closet space off my kitchen. There is 1 thermostat on the lower level that controls the temperature for both upper & lower level of home. However Im very confused, & I have had carrier technicians to my home on 2 separate occasions & both have said complete non-sense. This is what Im confused over, the carrier furnace indoors has a dial, switch, located to the back of furnace. I have been told this is called a damper switch, fluke switch, in all perspective I don’t think the technicians really know themselves. Im putting you to the test. My problem is supposedly this switch is to be in a certain position for both summer & winter weather, like right now its very hot in my area & all summer long upstairs has been super hot compared to the downstairs in my home & the technicans have said that so called switch controls the air flow to the upper part of home & they have moved it where they think it should go which neither time can I actually feel air coming out the vents upstairs, but downstairs I can feel air and it cools good. If any of this makes sense to you be kind and share your tips because I have small babies that sleep upstairs & its been miserable. Its puzzling to me & I cant afford calling out another fluke tech to simply say what I havent heard already. Thank you

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    • David says:

      without getting real technical about your system, let me give you something simple to check first…Your vents should be adjustable, they should open and close with a small lever on the vent. It’s common practice in a two story house to open the lower vents in the winter and close down ( at least part way) the upstairs vents. The reverse applies in the summer. Open the upstairs vents all the way and close down the vents as needed in the lower level. ( if a room gets too cool but the rest of the house is fine, close that vent a little at a time until it is ok. ) Most people will remember from year to year where to set their vents and will change them with the change of heating and cooling season.

      Use this rule…hot air goes up/ cool air goes down…in the summer you blow more cool air upstairs knowing some of it is going to come down and the downstairs won’t need as much. In the winter the opposite is true and you blow more warm air downstairs knowing it’s going to rise helping to heat the upstairs.

      If your vents are still balanced for winter-time you may be restricting the amount of cool air that is being blown upstairs.

      Long way around—just make sure the upstairs vents are all the way open… if the downstairs vents are open fully, close them a little each….this will force more cool air upstairs…

    • Boe says:

      Here is a question for you. Do you have a humidifier on this system? As typically that is what that switch is for. Its a motorized dampener for winter operation it opens the door so to speak and allows the humidifier work. And then in the summer setting it would be set to off.

      So the story that they are telling you (of course I cant see it) but with 1 system doing the heating and cooling that would make zero sense to have a damper in there just to control the cool and heat to the upstairs. I think it for a humidifier as it very common to have that switch in there. It should be mounted on the return side of the furnace. Thats what it sounds like to me. And if you had it "ON" it should not work anyway as that controller is a humidistat.Unless they had it cranked all the way then you would be adding humidity to your home and that would cause the AC system to work twice as hard. As an AC acts like a Dehumidifer. So with that switch on your hindering the performance of the ac if it were set on "winter mode" Winter mode means ON, Summer mode means OFF.
      Id guess here you either have an airflow problem with the upstairs or a ductwork problem. It would make zero sense to me (will assume the clowns out there think its a damper for the upstairs) to zone the upstairs via 1 central damper. Aint gonna happen wont work, that means you had 1 supply run feeding the entire upstairs which I highly doubt. Maybe that will shed some light on it.

    • Liddel says:

      That lever cold do an number of things and I can’t see it clearly from here. Long story short is that it is foolish to attempt to heat an cool two floors with one unit. I bet you never buy another two story house that has only one system again. yes, if properly installed, it would probably work with a zoning system but retrofitting it at this point is not always possible.

      You need a long term solution. That will probably mean either installing a separate system for the upstairs or a supplemental system upstairs. Anything else is wasting your time and money.


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