Clean portable a/c unit coils?

We have a portable air conditioner (by amcor-which is no longer a running company) and I clean the filters at least once a week, and it is 14,000 btu unit, and it hasn’t been as efficient as usual… When I went to clean the filters again, I looked inside and saw that there are big heaps of dust on the coils! I tries taking apart the unit to get a better look, and let’s just sat it was NOT successful! Lol.
My question is, is their any way I could get someone to come to our apt to clean the coils, hvac person? My husband works 60+hrs a week and I’m nOt about to carry this huge thing, I can’t lift it. How much would it cost, and is it even possible for someone tO come out just for a portable air conditioner?

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    • dvdacmn says:

      if you can put it on porch or somewere you can spray water on coils after you soak bothcoils with scrubbing bubbles any way you can try that if it was me i would have to charge normal rates just be prepared to pay they will come just not cheap because its a portable if you do do ityour self cover the motor

    • Eddie says:

      This portable AC coil is not a hard task to clean. here’s some tips. You will need few tools, a thin fiber brush with wire handle (about 1/2 inch diameter) and a vacuum cleaner hose: Disconnect the unit, remove the coil cover shield, using both the thin brush with one hand insert it in and out as needed to loosen the lint and dust and at the same time with the other hand vacuum he particles removed. Good luck…!

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