Hello, You Need a New Compressor on that Air Conditioner. NOT!

Tom Morgan Furnace and Air Conditioner Repairman in Hayden Idaho comes in as the second opinion on a quoted replacement by another company to find that it wa…

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  • archeryman5000 says:

    the motor is bad, baring is worn out or the windings are open

  • Mark Raysin says:

    As a service tech myself, If it occasionally runns, it could be design,
    some units have fans to help with effenciy. If it is a older unit, could be
    bearings, capacitor, contactor and on some units, a fan speed control. It
    can be one or a combination of problems. Note: A better answer would
    require a visit by preferably a good tech : )

  • B Charron says:

    How common are leaks? Is it possible my compressor has too much debris
    inside and maybe that is why its not blowing much cool air? Do you
    recommend I open up my compressor and clean it out? Ofcourse I will turn
    off the power switch first. Thanks!

  • 223tackdriver says:

    This is NOT meant as an insult, really. But boy that low bid your boss
    bought sure was a great deal and now the guy won’t come back and fix any
    problems. Surprise surprise. Guess he got what he paid for didn’t he. I can
    promise this, if the contractor won’t fix the problem, it’s because he
    didn’t charge enough for gas money to drive back and fix it. The low bid is
    NEVER the job that the customer expects. Stupid is, stupid does.

  • Danny Porsche says:


  • Dangled Frosty says:

    These assholes make their money through early replacement so that your
    refrigerant lines don’t burn out and need to be replaced. Equipment only
    goes up in price, and with daikin now in the market units are only going to
    get more expensive. Replacement of this unit while operating is better than
    sitting in the heat for 2 days. Waiting for inevitable failure is asinine.
    Though lying about dead compressors is extremely slimey, he should be

  • newstart49 says:

    Comp was maybe running and then probably open on IOL and the tech figured
    open windings?
    *I wish people would turn their systems off when they quit cooling/heating.
    You did good. I get this a few times during the year. I’m not so nice
    though to call it a misdiagnosis- with all due respect, if the tech doesn’t
    know well enough to call it right, he needs to go back to training or sell

  • Marcos Nino says:

    I really love what You did, extraordinary, congatulations

  • David Perry says:

    Good video. I had a problem with my system just after I moved into this
    house. I’m an auto tech and know basically how a/c systems work, but don’t
    have the tools to service home units, so I called a company. They sent out
    a tech, he hooked up his guages and informed me the high side pressure was
    too high and I needed a new compressor for $1200. HUH! How could the
    compressor be bad if pressure was too high? I told him to pack his tools
    and get out of my sight. He wanted to charge me for a service call and I
    told him to pound sand.Took a look at my system and noticed the condensor
    fan would sometimes run, but other times just hum. I replaced the start
    capacitor for the fan motor and that fixed it. That was 5 years ago and
    compressor is still running fine.

  • Redeemed hvac says:

    so far i have had alot of second opinion calls asking me to give them bids
    on there ac. i get there and it either a bad capacitor or just need to be
    clean. and all of them been told that they needed new ones. 

  • handsupbud says:

    All service techs are nothing more than ex-cons who learned a trade and now
    they rob us in a different way. You can all rot in Hell where there is NO
    A/C…for eternity.

  • b4roni1 says:

    WOW! I have mine inspected every year. my blower motor has been going out
    for 5 years now(they said) and they have never inspected my drain tube
    which is not blowing cold air now, but I have plenty of freon and good
    compression. and then they nit pick rivits with a internal inspection scope
    for corrosion. kinda pissed right now

  • james monroe says:

    1300 dollars is about right for a hvac company to replace the
    compressor.compressor runs 400-600,gas is 200-300-and labor is around
    400.depending on the unit and if you can reuse the gas due to leakage
    .normal pricing for a company.

  • ILSappr says:

    You coulda just left it charged and performed a leak search. That recovery
    imo was a waste of time. If is got a txv its not going to be a critical
    charge. You could just charge by sub cool.

  • handsupbud says:

    I bet you are an Obama follower aren’t you? Always making excuses when
    someone catches you doing something wrong. Another criminal trait of yours
    coming to the surface.

  • estrelladelnorte1308 says:

    this trade just like the auto mechanics ,its so easy to become a crook
    ,with very little time working on this industry you realize how easy you
    can cheat and how easy you can make quick money .

  • Rob Blacie says:

    Was this a r410 system

  • Michael Clouser says:

    While he did an ethical and thorough job diagnosing, putting 350psig of
    nitrogen in a R-22 system is a bit risky and could actually cause leaks, he
    was lucky. Never put more than 150 psig of nitrogen in an r-22 system. the
    low pressure side of the system is not designed for that kind of high

  • Darrell Noddings says:

    Is this the former Parrott Mechanical tech Tom Morgan??

  • Darrell Noddings says:

    Hi. Long time no speak! How are you guys doing?

  • Darrell Noddings says:

    I’m good. Married, two kids, restarted my dad’s plumbing business he had.
    He passed a few years back. 

  • 7777Ralph says:

    I have one of these Train ACs. Is it bad if water is coming out of the
    bottom of this outside compressor? The water is not coming from the
    condensate line drainage. The larger copper pipe (that is insulated from
    the compressor to the furnace) doesn’t have any insulation on the inside of
    the compressor and may be dripping condensation, which is making the
    concrete pad that the compressor sits on wet. It’s been around 90+ degrees
    and it was running a lot. Do you know if that water is normal, or
    indicates a problem? 

  • inbredagogo says:

    This guy kinda sounds like Roger Staubach.

  • Prince Garrett says:

    Emma v m

    B. bgdtFggg

  • o arne says:

    lmaoo, if i’m an ex-con then your my bitch. educate yourself before you
    talk crap.learn to fix it yourself if you don’t like paying for service.
    stop hating on people who learned to fix something for people like you who
    can’t or don’t want to fix it yourself. this coming from an honest tech.

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