How much might it cost, from electricity, to run a small, one room air conditioner, daytime, monthly?

I know it’s not very specific, but if anyone could post a couple of senarios, and/or a semi-broad average, in american dollars, for a month? Any average would be helpful.

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  • Jonathan W says:

    The range to run it can range from about $30 to about $ 85 dollars. The real question is in how you run it. most people wait until it gets hot, then turn it on with the thermostat setting all the way up. If you know its going to be a hot day your better off turning it on earlier when the room is still cool with the thermostat set at around 7( depending on the unit, some have remote stats with degrees). This way the compressor will turn on and off as needed. If the room is aloud to get hot, the walls and contents get hot and give off heat and the unit will probably run continously for many hours. factors to look at are when people are home, work schedule, weather reports, top floor vs. 1st floor. One other thing, Sometimes units can ice up, so you should shut it down at night. And you should learn how to clean the intake filter regulary.

  • wanker_fartass says:

    if you ran it all the time it would run you about $35 a month. ballpark figure.

  • eric b says:

    i think about $80 a month. it really depends on the size of the room, how much you use it, how old the a/c is etc.

  • old66 says:

    check BTU
    look at watts
    this is what the elect companies go by
    Watts per hour
    Btu can be converted to watts, but I forget the conversion factor
    if you know how many hours you plan to run per day
    * watts per hour * cost per watt hour will be pretty close
    or you can turn on
    & watvch meter & get Calcs from there
    most of the use is late afternoon
    build up between walls has greatest pass through around 4 pm
    then the temp setting plays a factor in run time
    trying to keep it real cool all day when no one home or trying to bring it down fast atfter work
    is the greatest load factors
    the size of the unitt plays a part
    how many rooms are you trying to cool?
    use good heavy curtains
    close off vents not neceassary
    put in a attic fan
    add more insulation to attic or if walls if possible
    will ply for itself
    window bangers are very inefficent
    the number of times the compressor comes on is the biggest drag
    not the fan
    make sure the filter is clean
    never use it without a filter
    if it is old or a used one
    check the cooling coil on both sides for cleanness
    check te outside condensor coil
    is the fan blade clean?
    it can pay to unplug
    & hose off or wash off the condensor coil
    thetre are commerical coil cleaners at a home depot kid of location

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