I have a amcor AF11000E air conditioner and its not cooling what could be the problem?

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    • David O'Banion says:

      This is applicable to all brands and models of window and "portable" AC:

      Check to be certain that the function selector is set for cooling, rather than fan-only.

      Clean or replace any air filter the unit may have (many don’t have one).

      Set the the thermostat, or its functional substitute, for maximum cooling.

      If all of the above are satisfied and the air coming out of the unit still doesn’t
      feel cooler than the air in the room, there are various possibilities:

      > The temperature outside may be so high that no AC would be able to work;
      this is one reason why locating the unit on the shadiest side of a house
      is strongly recommended.

      > The flow of air through the condenser (the part at the ‘back’ with all the fins)
      may be insufficient or blocked.

      > Failure of some part of the unit.

      Possible failures, none of which can be addressed by an ordinary user, include:

      > Defective switch or control.

      > Refrigerant leakage.

      > The room air fan motor may not be running.

      > The compressor has a mechanical problem, or its motor has burned out.

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