Instead of buying an air conditioner for my small dorm room can I just leave my refrigerator open?

I have a small dorm room that doesn’t allow air conditioners and I was wondering how effective just leaving the refrigerator open would be when temperatures can climb well into the high 90s? Would refrigerator eventually break? This would only be done in the fall and spring time.

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  • says:

    Not really a good idea. The fridge doesn’t have a fan in it to blow the cool air on you. Besides, if you leave the door open to cool you off, the fridge has to work harder to cool down the food, making it put out more heat, making it work harder, making it put out more heat, making it break.

    What about a portable unit instead of a window unit? Not so noticeable anyway. Type in portable air conditioner in your search engine & see what you find.
    Here is what Wal-Mart sells

  • ? says:

    I wouldn’t leave it open when your gone. I would open it and sit in front of it when you were home

  • Grainov Truth says:

    Makes a better heater than cooler because the fins in the back get cooled off in the room. Not the way to go. You need just a fan to circulate the standing air is about the best you can do and leave the window open at night. Life is tough.

  • YoHo Calico says:

    A bag of ice in front of a fan works wonders.

  • tucobenedicto says:

    no. a refrigerator does not have the capacity to cool a room. leaving the refrigerator door open would cause the compressor to work non stop and would eventually over heat and break down.

  • Lily says:

    Not a good idea all your food would go bad.

  • Arthur A says:

    Believe me it won’t work.

  • Imagine says:

    NO the coils on the back of the fridge whould create more heat then the condensor would create cold..

    beside the milk and beer would just get hot

  • ? says:

    No, your refrigerator can only cool the interior of the box. It will not have any effect on the room.

  • stanley jones says:

    Oh dear… what are you studying???? In agreement with all the countless other posters… this would only make the room hotter, burn out the fridge and contribute to global warming by using all that electricity! Buy a fan and an eski full of ice (and/or beers) and circulate the air.

  • vpiegr says:

    Absolutely not. The refrigerator removes the heat from your room and rejects it back to your room. No net gain. The frig Will also drain water some how and that water may need to be drained outside or into an sink or something. It is best to get the window unit. It sounds like it is against the rules.

    Good Luck

  • Ron G says:

    I read all of the other posts and would like to add that the net effect of doing this would be an increase in the heat in the room. It would be like plugging in a small electric heater.

  • Captain Fat Filly says:

    the thing may say no air conditioners but alot of ppl will have them when my bro went to college they said no AC but alot of ppl had them and the fridge thing wont work try a chest freezer that might

  • stacy a says:

    Buy a fan.

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