my refrigerator dont freeze good, what i should do?

refrigerator "Amcor Ambasador XL" .again my refrigerator had jammed the "gas IN" pipe to motor. i reduced the gas inside the compressor motor then the jammed gone but the refrigerator still dont freeze good.
info’s: the fan is working good and the motor also. maybe the quantity of gas is not adequate. how to know how much gas it should contain? (i have gas Indicator.)

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    • everythingchanges says:

      The amount of refrigerant is indicated on the nameplate of the unit. It will be given in weight.
      Normally you would remove the refrigerant and weigh it back in.
      By law you must be certified to do this work.
      It doesn’t sound like you have the proper knowledge and tools to do this.

    • Alexandra says:

      Er…. if it is a refrigerator it keeps things cool rather than freezing them. Get a freezer fool.

    • debbie says:

      Is it a fridge or a freezer!??????

      You shouldn’t mess about with the gas inside. It can be dangerous.
      I’d buy a new one!

    • Hondu says:

      If the unit is running and not cooling or freezing it is usually an indication of low refrigerant level. Refrigerant has to be checked and/or added to by a certified technician. Environmental concerns, you know.

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