what is financially cheaper, a small window air conditioner or a window box fan?

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    • Joe M says:

      You should try to find a swamp cooler style box fan. We had one for a while (until it crapped out). Basically it has a reservoir for water, a pump, and a filter. The water is pumped up through coils of sorts, which the fan blows air through. it doesn’t cost as much to operate as a window AC unit (since it’s only running the fan and a small pump – about the size of an aquarium pump) and it works better than a box fan for cooling. Ours was old, so I don’t know where you’d find one now (probably wal-mart or home depot) , but it did work well.

    • dsgrieve says:

      Window box fan. The compressor in the AC unit sucks up a lot of energy.

    • Jessica F says:

      a box fan is cheaper to buy and cheaper to run //

    • Linda A says:

      A window box fan is cheaper, maybe $20; but it’s not going to cool your place down like a window A/C would.

    • judy s says:

      Depends on the size of room to cool. If using a box fan, put it in the window on exhaust. Sucks out all of the hot air. Maybe at night, put it on regular to blow the cool air in. First thing in the morning, close all windows and drapery. (Keep the cool air in).

    • chip p says:

      box fan is cheaper, like 20 bucks to buy low electricity charge

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