Why is my air conditioner blowing air, but not cold air?

the other day i had to turn off the main breaker to replace a lighting fixture and I forgot to turn off the air conditioner first. I have a Carrier Model 38TH036300 outside unit. When i turned the power back on, the AC stopped blowing the cold air I have come to love so much in this hot California summer. I then waited and went back to the breaker and turned it off and then on again. The air was still coming hot. I then went and had the fuses checked- they were fine. — the outside unit fan is spinning but it is blowing regular air. The pressure in the house vents is really low but the temp is not cold anymore. It worked fine before I turned off the breaker. I looked for a reset switch under the access panel and could not find one. What is my problem?

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    • June says:

      This is because your a/c unit is out of freon and or needs an air duct cleaning as something is blocking the cold air duct return. Call an electrician to see if the model number you have is faulty or needs replacement

    • muley says:

      Turn off AC for 24hrs then turn back on, should fix it.

    • Pia Mind says:

      you should have it checked and fixed by an expert

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